Is Digital Transformation an option?

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Is your company ready for the digital future?

  • Do you want to create your smart enterprise
  • Are you looking for possibilities to extend your business model with smart products and services?
  • Do you see opportunities to generate new revenue streams by getting new products to the market?
  • Where are you in terms of digital maturity?
  • Are you looking to reduce operational costs across the value chain?
  • Do you see a need for process improvements?

  • We work with you to support you in your journey of digital transformation - from initial ideation through to development, implementation and operation
  • Together with your team we develop strategies, envisage ideas and turn these into concrete opportunities, create new business models developing smart products and services, examine the need to reorganize processes

Why should you trust us?

  • Experience that makes the difference
  • Strong partners with top references
  • Demonstrated performance
  • Walk the talk - hands on mentality
  • We can be your One stop shop

Abiotiq`s competencies & services

Abiotiq`s competencies & services

Together with our customers we determine the level of digital maturity and develop strategies taylored to the needs of the enterprise. This results in identifying improvement potentials and innovations who provide an added value for the business and its customers.

  • Positioning of the company
  • Assess digital maturity and capabilities
  • Develop digital/IT strategy
  • Identify opportunities and specify MVPs
  • Validate business case

Digital solutions development hardware, software and implementation services

We bring along the experiencies to develop hard- and software for IOT solutions. We adopt agile methods to deliver results quickly.

  • Sensors and controller development
  • Apps/Web development for your IOT products
  • Applications
    • Condition Monitoring & Alarming
    • connected products
    • remote service & augmented reality
    • connected cars & telematics
    • Advanced Analytics envirionment for analysis and predictive maintenance
  • IOT Edge Controller
  • Production of your specifiy hardware (sensor, controller,...)

Run the environment

Abiotiq can also run the environment for you providing the necessary service support, all taylored to the specific customer needs.

  • Cost effective operating of your IOT solution
  • SLAs
  • Admin services from the specialist – those who developed the solution
  • Providing top level support for problem solving

Some technologies used to achieve your business objective

Improve efficiency, maximise revenue, reduction of operational costs – these objectives are accomplished using innovative  technologies and hence creating a platform allowing your organization to meet the future challenges. These technologies are fundamental to meeting the business objectives in a new digital world.

IOT infrastructure

  • Sensors and control hardware to connect your products, machines, devices
  • IOT edge server to collect information in plants, buildings
  • Securely access, monitor, analyse and act on data
  • Reliable delivery of IOT information


  • Advanced Analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring and alarming
  • Quality monitoring
  • Connected products, machines
  • Asset tracking

HW-& SW development

  • Sensor and control development
  • App-development to control your product
  • Application development
  • Customer portal development and integration of different applications
  • Bespoke software development
  • Cross platform software development


  • Event Streaming platform
  • Standard IOT (Edge)Integration server to allow fast and reliable device/sensors integration


  • Machine learning to recognize patterns and support data-driven predictions/decisions
  • Preventive statistics to anticipate potential problems

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